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05-30-2019 | Technical information

Contrast between plastic lead seal and steel wire lead seal

Plastic lead seal and steel wire lead seal are collectively called blockade. They are often encountered or used in our life. The differences between them are compared.

Plastic seals

Plastic lead seal has become a plastic seal, which is a disposable lock made of plastic. The main material of the plastic seal is PP, which can be labeled by laser or hot stamping company name, logo, flow number and so on. Plastic lead seals have two styles: plug type and pull type. The length of the plug type is fixed. The length of the plug type can be adjusted. The tighter the pull, the easier the sealing, the lower the cost, the better the tension resistance and the stronger the toughness. The plastic lead seals are widely used in the fields of bag sealing, Logistics transportation, container phase doors and so on. Plastic lead seals generally have a relatively fixed length of each style, with a variety of specifications, ranging in length from 180 mm to 450 mm. Steel wire seal

Lead seals for steel wire have become steel wire seals. Lead seals for steel wire can be customized according to customer's requirements or samples. The length of steel wire can be lengthened, sunscreen and corrosion protection, tension structure can be easily installed, hot pressing or laser spot printing, company logo or name, coding. Tensile strength is more than 300 kg, and can be cut by wire breaker after locking.

There are many similarities between plastic lead seals and steel wire lead seals, such as laser engraving, stamping, one-time use of lead seals and so on. But unlike steel wire lead seal, steel wire rope length of steel wire lead seal can be customized at will. One style of plastic lead seal is made of a set of moulds, and the length can not be customized at will. Because of the different characteristics of products, the use specifications in different industries are also different. Plastic lead seal or steel wire lead seal have more and more uses waiting to be developed and used.