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05-30-2019 | Technical information

What role can bar code play in lead sealing

Coding with blanks and black bars of different widths according to certain rules is the barcode we usually see. It is a graphic identifier used to express a group of information. Common bar codes are parallel lines of black and white bars with very different reflectivity. Shandong Junchuang Lead Seal Manufacturer said that this is also the most basic bar code matched with the lead seal, and what role does the bar code play in the lead seal?

First, the bar code on the lead seal can store and read more information, which is why the bar code is engraved on the lead seal surface, in order to store more information on the lead seal surface and be read.

Secondly, with anti-counterfeiting function, the bar code on the lead seal mainly uses random check code, which is determined by the number of customized barcodes, and can be calculated by the number of random check codes. If you do not know the number of customized batches is not able to calculate the random code, it also adds new advantages for anti-counterfeiting function.

Thirdly, the bar code on the lead seal can speed up the work speed by scanning. The bar code is engraved on the lead seal to read the bar code information conveniently. The information contained in the bar code can be obtained immediately by scanning the corresponding bar code with a handset.

Fourth, it is relatively simple to engrave bar codes in lead seals, and relatively simple and convenient to engrave bar codes in comparison with the embossing of digital words. It is easy to engrave bar codes on lead seals with laser engraving machine, which is convenient and fast to operate.

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