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05-30-2019 | Company news

Junchuang Lock Industry was invited to attend Shunfeng Supplier Conference in 2017

On September 15, 2017, Shandong Qingyun Junchuang Lock Industry Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the "Co-growth" 2017 Supplier Conference held by Shunfeng Group in Shenzhen. Junchuang Zhou was invited to attend the conference. Shunfeng Group reviewed and exchanged views on the development of Junchuang lock industry and other suppliers in recent years, thanked the suppliers and partners for their efficient service and support, and made a long-term plan for future cooperation.

Shunfeng Group has been strictly controlling the quality of products, and put forward higher cooperation requirements for suppliers than other platforms. In 2014, Junchuang Lock successfully passed Shunfeng Group's strict factory inspection and became its one-time seal supplier. Over the past five years, through the unremitting efforts of Junchuang people, Junchuang lock industry and Shunfeng's cooperation has yielded fruitful results, which has been highly recognized by Shunfeng Express. At the same time, our company is also confident of Shunfeng's development prospects. Here, we promise that we will continue to increase investment, deepen cooperation, help Shunfeng's development and achieve win-win situation. At present, the cooperation between the two sides is advancing to a deeper level.

(Junchuang Lock Sales Director and Yang Wenjie, Head of Purchasing Supply Chain Center of Shunfeng Group)

Since its establishment, Junchuang has been adhering to the concept of "surviving by quality and developing by reputation". Every product produced has passed more than ten test and testing equipments, thus strictly guaranteeing the quality of products, and always pursuing excellent quality, creating Junchuang's brand, and developing into a high-level one-off lead blockade production enterprise with a certain scale in the whole country. In recent years, Junchuang Lock Industry has been adhering to scientific and technological innovation, attaching importance to scientific research and technological transformation breakthroughs, and obtained the patent technology of plastic lead seal utility model, forming its own unique technological advantages.

Not only that, Junchuang Lock is also committed to providing customized disposable lead sealing solutions for oil, electricity, port cargo, aviation and navigation industries, which are well recognized and praised by customers. Our company has more than 360 specialized production and blockade equipment, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters, and has become a comprehensive and capable enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales.

Wind and rain for several years, customer recognition is the greatest encouragement and the best spur to Junchuang lock industry. In the progress with enterprise customers, we will constantly enhance the strength of technology research and development, improve product service system, build core competitiveness, pay attention to customer innovation and growth, better and faster promote partnership, and strive to become the most solid backing of the entire logistics industry!