Introduction: Seal is a professional production of custom-made seals that are loaded into a container and are properly closed after the door is fitted by a particular person. Zhenlang seal seal according to the different personnel can be divided into customs clearance, commodity inspection and business seal. Once the seal is properly locked, unless the violent damage (ie, cut) can not be opened, the damaged seal can not be reused. Each seal has a unique number. As long as the appearance of the container is complete and the container door is properly closed and the seal is sealed normally, it can be proved that the container has not been opened in private during the transport. The situation in the box is supervised by the boxer at the time of packing.

The main use of plastic seals and plastic seals are mainly used in the fields of logistics, food, medicine, chemical industry etc. Petroleum seals are mainly used in double insurance wire seals, and on a regular basis. Replace the seal style and variety can effectively protect the goods to the role of security!

Customs seal is not allowed to open the demolition, is to bear the legal responsibility.

Application: Suitable for electricity meter, water meter, parcel bag, ordnance seal, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military, oil transportation, chemical industry, mine, postal service, customs, railway, finance, container, foreign trade commodity inspection, transportation product processing , And enterprise product testing, packaging barrels of packaging, energy measurement, to prevent theft and other industries sealed.