Commodity inspection. Commonly used for import and export trade. Of course sometimes domestic trade long-distance trade may also be used, but a bit less. By the commodity inspection authorities for a single prove that your goods by inspection in accordance with what kind of quality and quantity. Buyer to the commodity inspection certificate for you would be able to see whether the quality of the goods to be consistent with its requirements. Sometimes as the one of the documents.

China entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau is the largest domestic most authoritative, inspection institutions. Generally all the place of the export of Chinese products inspection. The state commodity inspection authorities on international is a Swiss SGS, also has offices in China's major cities.

Need to the commodity inspection can be divided into several categories:

1)The customer needs to the inspection. Customers to ensure that they receive from the goods and contract agreement, can ask you to handle the inspection and issue a single inspection.

2)China needs to check the goods. Before some provisions of the state must export goods in export commodity inspection.

3)Importers need method of inspection of the goods. Importer may required by China's export goods inspection. May test can be carried out in China, also may be in imports.

The commodity inspection law "regulation, the import and export commodity inspection content, including the quality of the goods, specification, quantity, weight, packaging, and is in line with the safety, hygiene requirements. The basis of inspection mainly sales contract (including the l/c) stipulated in the relevant terms and conditions shall prevail.