Modern logistics plays an important part in regional economic development, is becoming more and more been recognized, many provinces and cities to develop modern logistics on the important agenda. Flow modernization are closely related, and economic development level, is expected in the next quite a long period of China's economy will maintain steady and fast growth, and the trend of the world economy will also strengthen, this is the logistics industry development environment.

Experience in developed countries and our country market economy development, the reality of the change of government function, especially the characteristics of the logistics industry compound is strong, the correlation between big, should give full play to the role of the industry organizations. Such as: logistics standardization system construction, modern logistics, basic research and technology promotion, the logistics personnel training and literacy education, industry self-discipline and coordination of enterprise and so on, the government can entrust industry organizations to do it. Industry organizations also should actively change ideas, improve the work style and method, sets up the service for the enterprise, service for the industry, the concept of service for the government, in their own work, strengthen the cohesion and authority.

Industry associations should break, strengthen the joint and cooperation, form a resultant force to promote the development of logistics industry in our country, the bridge and the link between the government and enterprise play a good role. China's logistics "hot" despite continued to heat up, but can only say it's just getting started. Understanding of logistics, especially to the recognition of the importance of logistics, also restricted to some people, the modernization of logistics. The initial phase of basic work is crucial, no solid foundation, there would be no big span leap.