Air cargo is an important part of modern air logistics air cargo business. Air cargo is an indispensable way for the transportation of precious goods, fresh goods and precision instruments in international trade.

Air freight is mainly in the form of centralized shipping, or it is directly commissioned by the consignor to the air cargo agent. After the cargo air cargo arrives at the destination, it is then transferred to the consignee's hand through the person connected with the air cargo agent at the shipping place. In addition to the airlines involved in the business, it also relies on the assistance of air cargo agents. Most of the operators of air express are multinational companies. These companies have established global networks through their own or joint ventures. The transmission of airmail is basically done within multinational companies. The international Postal service, in the form of the Universal Postal Union, has cooperation between Postal agencies in most countries in the world. Mail is delivered through the cooperation of postal authorities in more than two countries.

One of the most commonly used lead-sealing products on containers is high-sealing, because high-sealing is a lead-sealing product with the largest tensile force. Generally, the value of goods on containers is relatively large, so whether container lead-sealing is in normal use The state needs to be highly valued.

If it is found that the container lead seal(Gao Baofeng) was damaged after the factory was delivered due to various special reasons, the container driver should immediately notify the factory. The factory should arrange for the responsible personnel to go to the designated location, pry open the container, and carefully take stock of the goods. Carefully observe whether there are leaks or excess items, and ask the cargo transport driver why the damage occurred. In addition, the sealing factory must have a spare high-security seal that meets the requirements, and first use the spare high-security seal to seal it and take several clear photos at the same time. Retain, Please provide the new high insurance seal number and inform the customer of the change of the new high insurance seal.

After the container enters the port of transport, we must carefully examine whether the entry information is consistent with the packing list information retained by our company. If any discrepancies are found, we will immediately inform the freight forwarder and find out the reason. Whether or not the container lead seal can be used normally should be highly valued by the person in charge, and can deal with the problem in a timely and correct manner when the accident occurs.