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10-24-2022 | Industry news

Introduction of bolt seal

       High security seals are also called high security lead seals, high security seals, and high security seals. These are all high security seals. The product description of the high security seal "metal lock body, with a clamp spring structure inside, the lock rod is a metal cold pier once formed, and the surface is galvanized and passivated. The main feature of the high security seal is a direct blockade without steel wire, which is also a high security seal. It has different characteristics from other lead seals. Other lead seals do not need the middle wire connection and the like is a high security seal. The materials are plastic and stainless steel. The main materials are Q235A steel and ABS plastic. There are many high security seals made.

       The high security seal has ABS plastic as the sealing shell. The inside of the lock body adopts a clip-spring structure, and the outer shell is filled with ABS. The surface of the lock body can be customized by customers. Laser typing, symbols, codes, barcodes, colors and other information are mainly used for containers, container trucks, etc. , a device for the seal of trucks, vans, etc. The color can be customized according to the user's requirements, and the transparent cover on the lock body can protect the internal logo and prevent it from being changed.

      High security lead seals have been widely used in railways, highways, ports, petroleum, chemical industry, electrical industry, post and telecommunications, cargo transportation containers, oil tankers, packaging bags and various meters. It plays a vital role in the fields of security, theft and theft prevention. Once the high security seal is properly locked, it cannot be opened unless it is cut, and the damaged seal cannot be reused. Each seal has a unique number identification. As long as the appearance of the container is complete, the door of the container is properly closed, and the lead seal is properly locked, it can be proved that the container has not been opened without permission during transportation, and the condition of the container is supervised by the packer during packing. High security seal is a kind of sealing equipment used in containers, container trucks, trucks and vans. The one-time seal cannot be damaged or unsealed. It can avoid the weakness of the old-style lead seals that are damaged and still return to their original state. The high-security seal has a systematic data code, and the commodities and codes correspond one-to-one, without duplication, so as to facilitate the computer management of the system, and the use of each high-security seal can be checked on the computer.
1. The special internal structure has strong tensile strength and damage resistance.
2. The surface of the high security seal has a laser-treated barcode and number segment.
3. The high security seal can identify and read and write at a long-distance handheld terminal.
How to operate
      Pass the lock bar part of the lock body through the product to be packaged, then combine it with the lock head, and press firmly. Due to the characteristics of simple operation, low price, strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and difficult to destroy, the sales volume of high security seals in the market is very considerable.