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10-14-2022 | Industry news

Features and advantages of plastic pallets

       Plastic pallets are made of thermoplastics such as PE、PP, plus some additives to improve performance, through injection molding, blow molding and other processes, and can be widely used in logistics operations such as loading and unloading goods, transportation and distribution with goods. 

* Deflection force: The instant deflection force can prevent the goods on the pallet from falling off when being lifted by the forklift.
* Bending: After the plastic pallet is placed on the shelf, its bending will gradually increase, and the bending cannot exceed ten millimeters in the automatic warehouse.
* Impact resistance and durability.
* Usability: light weight, easy to operate, easy forklift access, stable size.
* Dynamic load: The maximum weight that can be lifted with a forklift at one time.
* Static load: In palletizing, the maximum weight that the bottom pallet can bear;
* Overhead load: The maximum weight allowed when pallet-packed goods are placed on the shelf. The difference in load is closely related to shelf, temperature and storage period.
* Hygienic: no rot, easy to rinse, easy to dry, free of bugs and bacteria.
* Safety: Light weight, no nails, protrusions.
* Long service life, recyclable.
* In terms of corrosion resistance, plastic pallets are the best, followed by plastic wood, and steel pallets are the worst;
* In terms of moisture resistance, plastic pallets have excellent performance;
* In terms of insect resistance, steel pallets are the best, followed by plastic pallets;
* In terms of average lifespan, steel pallets and plastic pallets are comparable;
* In terms of pallet weight, paper and wooden pallets have certain advantages;
* In terms of bearing performance, steel trays are the best; paper trays are poor;
* In terms of performance, both plastic and steel pallets are superior to paper and wood pallets;
* In terms of pallet prices, wooden pallets have an advantage, followed by paper and plastic-wood, and steel pallets are the most expensive.
       However, due to the actual use, according to different uses, some trays are difficult to replace with other varieties. For example, when carrying heavy items, steel pallets are irreplaceable. But overall, plastic, plastic-wood composite and paper pallets will be the more promising products, and among them, plastic pallets are the most.

       Plastic pallets are classified by application and industry: export plastic pallets, intermodal plastic pallets, moisture-proof plastic pads, moisture-proof plastic pallets, forklift plastic pallets, shelf plastic pallets, logistics plastic pallets, food plastic pallets, beer plastic pallets, beverage plastic pallets, chemical industry Plastic pallets, tobacco plastic pallets, mechanical plastic pallets, electronic plastic pallets, salt industry plastic pallets, stacking plastic pallets, intermodal standard plastic pallets, port plastic pallets, container plastic pallets, etc.