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05-30-2019 | Company news

Warmly congratulate the company on its successful participation in the exhibition

Warmly congratulate Shandong Qingyun Junchuang Lock Co., Ltd. on its successful participation in the 2017 Shanghai International Transport Packaging Exhibition.

As a well-known enterprise in lead sealing industry, Junchuang Lock Industry Co., Ltd. of Qingyun County, Shandong Province, was invited to attend the exhibition. It showed six series of products (plastic seal, steel wire seal, high seal, instrument seal, plastic padlock, iron seal) of the company.

The exhibition gathered many well-known brands. The unprecedented expansion of the exhibition lineup not only testifies to the development of the lead sealing industry, but also reflects the vigorous development momentum of the lead sealing industry, which shows that the market competition is extremely fierce.

During the three-day exhibition, the lead sealing products displayed on the exhibition stand of Junchuang Lock Industry became one of the highlights of the exhibition, attracted numerous visitors'attention and attracted great attention. Our colleagues always communicated with visitors with full enthusiasm and patience in their service attitude. The characteristics and advantages of the products were vividly demonstrated by the excellent speeches and demonstrations of Junchuang Lock Industry staff. Professional audiences and exhibitors at the venue have a certain understanding of the products, and have expressed great interest in the products exhibited by Junchuang Lock Industry. Many customers have consulted in detail on the spot, hoping to have in-depth cooperation through this opportunity.

At the same time, the exhibition has reached cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers. Through this exhibition, it has also conducted friendly exchanges with colleagues, made many new friends, learned about the latest market of lead sealing industry and opened up international horizons, which will also bring new opportunities for the future development of Junchuang Lock Industry.