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05-30-2019 | Company news

Junchuang Lock Industry Annual Summary and Recognition Conference 2018

On the afternoon of January 11, Junchuang Lock Industry Year-end Summary Conference and Commendation Conference was solemnly held. The general manager of the company and all the staff gathered together to celebrate the fruitful 2018 and the hopeful 2019.

The event officially began at 1 p.m. The general manager of the company, Zhang Jun, first made a speech. In his speech, General Zhang summarized the company's achievements in 2018. In the past year, the company has achieved excellent results in the performance completion and other links. While affirming the achievements, he hoped that everyone would seize the opportunity and make further efforts to build the company into a proud enterprise brand. Subsequently, the annual award ceremony was held. The annual Commission bonus was awarded to the employees, the best sales team, the best outstanding employees, the seniority Award for the veteran employees and so on.

Lucky lottery and team confrontation in literary and artistic programs have pushed the evening party to a climax. In the envious eyes of the whole audience, the selected lucky children receive exquisite gifts from the company leaders, and then share the joy in the form of performances. The whole banquet hall falls into a sea of joy. Events are the last part of the banquet. In the relaxed and happy songs, the company leaders get up, raise their glasses, share the joy of harvest with employees, and send New Year's greetings. The whole activity ended in a warm and peaceful atmosphere, and the spirit of solidarity, friendship and striving and enterprising conveyed by it illuminated the company's way to a more brilliant future.

General Zhang's Annual Summary Address

Zhang Zongyi, the winner of the first prize lottery

Granting commissions and bonuses

Art show

Group photo