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05-30-2019 | Industry news

How to Customize Instrument Lead Seal

In the past few years, many fields such as meters, water meters, measuring instruments and valves were sealed with old-fashioned lead seals. With the continuous development of the lead seals industry, lead seals have been gradually eliminated. Many new types of small lead seals are used to seal instruments and instruments, commonly known as instrument lead seals. One common feature of these instruments is that they can only be reported once. Waste, then how to customize the instrument lead seal?

In the past, the material of lead sealing products was mostly lead. The discarded lead sealing beans easily caused environmental pollution. The improved instrument lead sealing materials were mostly plastic-based, containing stainless steel sheets. It was not only environmentally friendly but also anti-counterfeiting and anti-disassembly. The customization requirement of instrument lead sealing was no longer to make articles on product material and appearance, but to make labels into anti-counterfeiting labels, which would be needed. The information is printed on the label by hot stamping and encapsulated in the lead seal, which can keep the information on the lead seal for more than 10 years. The anti-counterfeiting inside makes it more difficult to copy the lead seal.

In the above introduction, we can see that the new instrument lead seal not only solves the environmental protection problem, but also reduces the chance of imitation, making the sealed object safer. Junchuang Lock Industry in Qingyun County, Shandong Province, has established long-term stable, friendly and mutually beneficial cooperative relations with many enterprises at home and abroad for many years, thanks to its efficient management system and product quality advantages. We welcome more friends'inquiries and look forward to cooperating with you.