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05-30-2019 | Industry news

Brief Introduction of Lead Seal for Electric Meter

With the continuous development of lead sealing industry, the application fields of lead sealing are more and more extensive, such as electric power, finance, logistics, metrology, postal, energy, communications, supermarkets and other industries are involved, and the use of lead sealing is also very large. Today's edition focuses on the lead sealing of watt-hour meters in lead sealing products.

Lead seal is one of many lead seal products. Its main purpose is to ensure the accuracy of the meter and prevent illegal elements from stealing electricity. It is small in size and very light in weight, but it has a huge function and function. Its shell is made of ABS plastic and has many characteristics such as acid resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical performance. Lead seal can seal large electrical appliances such as meters, because its sealing line can provide it with enough length, the insert is made of stainless steel, which provides a certain tension for the lead seal itself, so that the normal sealing of the lead seal of meters can only be removed by violence. Of course, the most important thing is its RFID tag. The function of this RFID electronic note is to provide a unique encoding for the ammeter lead seal. All information is concentrated on this RFID tag, which is very difficult to copy and adds the greatest guarantee for the safety of the lead seal against theft.

The role of small lead seals is very big. There are many kinds of lead seals. With the passage of time, I believe that more and more industries will use lead seals.