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05-30-2019 | Industry news

Advantages and Application of Instrument Lead Seal

The transparency of instrument lead seal is that the material of shell is PC, and the material of inner core is ABS. It can be used in electric meters, water meters and tankers. It has a wide range of applications. Moreover, instrument lead seal has great advantages: 1. It has good anti-prying function, compact structure and excellent material. After sealing, the sealing line and sealing body can be integrated into one structure, and can not be restored after damage. 2. After sealing, the sealing line is not easy to be pulled out without destroying the sealing body, and the tensile force is more than 150N. 3. Use high-quality materials, sunscreen, anti-oil corrosion. 4. Tightening structure, easy to install 5. One of the most prominent features of the plastic watt-hour meter seal is that it can make trademark code according to your requirements, laser typing and sequential number arrangement, strengthen management and facilitate use.

The method is simple:

1. Instrument lead sealing blade rotates clockwise to the corresponding position of the hole in the shell and the hole in the inner core. Lead sealing line passes through the hole in the inner core through the hole in the bottom shell to the other side. Clockwise rotating blade can be locked and fixed after more than one circle.

2. When the rotary blade is rotated to the position corresponding to the hole on the top of the lead seal and the round hole on the inner core, the other end has no fixed lead seal, which is pulled out from the round hole in the outer shell through the round hole in the inner core to the other side.

3. Clockwise rotation of the rotary blade more than one circle, to achieve the purpose of locking and fixing the lead sealing line, can complete the sealing, and finally break the rotary blade.