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05-30-2019 | Technical information

Benefits of using plastic-coated steel wire for steel wire seals

Everyone knows that steel wire seals are easy to rust in harsh conditions. This problem can be solved by using plastic-coated steel wire. Today, we will introduce the advantages of using plastic-coated steel wire.

Ordinary steel wire is completely present in the air, which is easy to cause oxidation. However, wrapping steel wire with a layer of plastic can solve this problem very well. After wrapping, the contact area between steel wire seals and oxygen is only one end of the head of the steel wire rope, so that the steel wire rope is not easy to oxidize. In addition, after using wrapping steel wire seals, there will be no tiny burrs on the surface of the steel wire, which has been used for a long time. During the process, it can also avoid scratching the hand skin due to burrs. It seems that there are many advantages of using plastic wrapped steel wire. Of course, the cost of using wrapped steel wire will also increase. Customers should choose wrapped steel wire according to their actual situation when purchasing steel wire seals.