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05-30-2019 | Technical information

Advantages of High Preservation Series Products

1. High seal means bullet seal is firm, easy to lock, safe and reliable.

2. Shandong Junchuang Lock Professional Team, to create high-quality services for you.

3. High security and theft-proof sealing equipment

4. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft effect is better, unlocking requires special forceps to cut.

5. Excellent craftsmanship, the highest cost-effective.

6. High-envelope IC has the unique ID code in the world.

7. Gaobaofeng can recognize reading and writing from a long distance.

8. With "anti-rotation" function to ensure that the lock can not be pulled out by high-speed rotation; the product sleeve has a clip-spring type lock bar. After the product is locked, the clip spring acts on the metal head of the rod and is embedded in the groove of the metal head to achieve the blockade effect.

9. Our company was founded in 1990 and formally registered in the Business Bureau in 2008. Our company has more than ten years of production experience and product quality assurance.

10. Pass ISO17712 Standard

11. Permanent Laser Maximum Print Safety Mark

12. Anti-rotation design, ensure that the lock can not be high-speed rotation pop-up.

13. Locks have better antioxidant and stronger characteristics.

14. Use high-quality materials, sunscreen, anti-oil corrosion.

15. Tightening structure, easy to install.

16. Lock insertion, this lock is one-time, once sealed can not be opened.

17. Clamp spring structure, lock rod inserted into the lock sleeve immediately lock, play a good role in sealing the box.

18. Use high-quality low-carbon steel both inside and outside repair, durable.