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05-30-2019 | Technical information

Description of the Use of Tightening Steel Wire Seals

The tightening steel wire seal is made of steel wire as lead seal. There are springs and steel beads in the head of the steel wire seal. It has a reaction force on the inserted steel wire, so that the steel wire can only enter and not leave, forming a disposable steel wire seal. There are many kinds of appearance of tightening steel wire seals. The sealing heads of steel wire seals are made of plastic or aluminium alloy. Their functions are much the same. There are many kinds of colors of steel wire seals. The suitable colors can be selected according to the use situation. In addition, the sealing heads of steel wire seals can be printed or ironed by laser to increase the logo, two-dimensional code, coding and other steel wire seals of the company. In the process of using, the steel wire will be oxidized because of long time contact with air, and the appearance will grow rust spots. When the steel wire is inserted into the lock head, there is no sound of spring clasp, which indicates that the spring inside the lock head has rusted, and the steel wire can be inserted into the lock head at will without matching the steel ball. Such products are not qualified and can not be safely prevented. The function of protection, when normal qualified steel wire seals are used, the spring clamp will make a crisp sound. When using, the steel wire can only be inserted and can not be pulled out, and can only be cut by steel wire pliers. The normal length of steel wire is generally 300 mm. After inserting the lock head, the length of steel wire can be about 5 cm, so that the steel ball and spring can not be easily pulled out without clamping.

Tightening steel wire seals are only one kind of lead seals, which are also commonly used in transportation. The above points should be paid attention to when using them.