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03-03-2021 | Company news

2021 "Bring the Wind and Waves, Build the Dream of the Future" Junchuang Lock Industry Year-end Ceremony

Time flies like an arrow, time warms the traveler, looking back at the moment is 2021, time for us gentle, we return to 2020 full of fruits. Through the past, just wipe the sweat of struggle; Looking back on the journey, the smile of victory is spreading; Join hands tonight to salute our 2020. On January 29th, Junchuang Lock held the 2021 year-end ceremony. Everyone gathered together to sing the glory and move along the way, and look forward to the future together. Going through the wind and waves, tomorrow is definitely a better future.

Leadership speech

Family table, with expectation, the prelude to the annual meeting of the slowly draw, with passionate cheerful music, jun and the lock general manager zhang always delivered an important speech, a total of 2020 has carried on the deep analysis and summary, in 2020 the development of the company as a whole and each employee's personal work has carried on the corresponding guidance, and the direction of the 2021 plan, between the lines revealed a total for the company's vision and the heart of every employee and is responsible for, and a total for you on the sincere wishes, hope everybody in the New Year work smoothly, happy family, hit a record high. In 2021, I believe that following the footsteps of Mr. Zhang, we will unite with one heart and one mind and write a more brilliant new chapter!

The link

The road to a new chapter cannot be separated from the efforts and efforts of every employee. In 2020, everyone is devoted to their duties and diligent to witness the step by step growth of Junchuang together. In order to thank everyone for their efforts, the company set up the awarding link: fast integration, serious work, new talent award; Outstanding ability, steadfastness, employee award; Stand together through thick and thin, never abandon, seniority award; The pursuit of excellence, outstanding performance, the total commission award; Faith in mind, step by step, year-end bonus; Challenge yourself, realize value, star award; Silent dedication, full of responsibility, contribution awards; In addition to the above mentioned, there are many other awards. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to every employee for their hard work.

In our Junchuang family, everyone is versatile, capable in their work and otherwise amazing. The annual meeting provided a stage for everyone to show themselves, solo, chorus, dance, folk art and other forms, we created a visual and auditory feast together. Youth, sunshine, positive, brave in everyone's body reflected most incisively and vividly, with such a spirit, Junchuang will be more vibrant, Xiangyang and born.

A talent show

Think this is the end of it, how can the raffle link fall, in the talent show we inserted the raffle link, zhang zhang heart sponsorship, we start from the needs of employees, to buy some items in line with the needs of employees, set the first prize, second prize, third prize, fourth prize and other awards. In order to take care of the feelings of each employee, Mr. Zhang specially used the big screen lottery, took the way of cash awards, grasp the rhythm, so that every employee enjoyed the unexpected surprise.

Draw link

After the talent show and lucky draw, everyone began to enjoy the dinner. The size of each dinner marks every progress and expansion of Junchuang. I believe next year's dinner will be more anticipated. During the dinner, we toast together to pay tribute to our efforts in the past year. Celebrate the beauty of being together at this time; We are looking forward to the growth of our company and ourselves.

Dinner time

In the future, the company will have a bigger market to explore, and we will also have better achievements to create. We have reason to believe that Junchuang will have a bright future and great ambitions, and we will surely break through ourselves and achieve our goals. 2021, Junchuang is here, we are here, brave the wind and waves, build a dream of the future!