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04-29-2021 | Company news

April Moon Meeting | Seize the day and live up to your youth

In April, the golden breeze sends warmth, the peaches and plums fragrant, and April is to carry dreams and harvest hope. Hard work, we use hard work in exchange for fruitful fruits, seize the day and live up to our youth!

There are five sessions in this monthly meeting. The first part is the welcome session, the second part is the leader's speech, the third part is the monthly champion recognition session, the fourth part is the birthday party, and the fifth part is the game session.

First of all we ushered in the welcome link

From today, you have become an important member of the Junchuang family. You are the fresh blood injected into the company, and the glory of the company is illuminated by you. We share the glory and disgrace, and create together!


Monthly champion

The blooming April and the years of struggle will always be filled with the joy of life. Our sales champion is far ahead in terms of performance, and luck is also full of good luck! Below are the monthly champions, two employees of foreign trade and domestic trade who came to the stage to participate in the most exciting raffle and draw surprise gifts!


Birthday party

The rainbow is the lace of the sun, decorated with every sunny day, the stars are the lace of the night, dotted with every romantic night, happiness is a birthday blessing, I hope you have every moment of happiness, and hope that you, the years to come, will arrive as scheduled !

Game link

Now comes our game section. Chinese characters are extensive and profound. Sometimes we will encounter some characters, especially place names. We are familiar with them, but they cannot be read correctly. Today we will play "Place names that are easy to be mispronounced" and "The Challenge of Rare Characters". I have learned all my life to explore the mysteries of literature in the game. The Chinese culture is extensive and profound. It not only exercises everyone's knowledge reserve ability, but also makes everyone feel the joy of challenge!


Goodbye April, welcome to May, everyone regained their goals and set off again. To grasp today, we have a long way to go. Looking forward to tomorrow, we are full of pride! Seize the day and live up to your youth!