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05-30-2019 | Company news

Mayor Chen Feili of Dezhou City visited Jun Chuang for investigation and guidance

Mayor of Dezhou City: Chen Fei (second from right), Zhang Jun (second from left), Secretary of the Party Committee of Xu Yuanzi Township (second from left), General Manager of Junchuang Lock Industry (the same name as Secretary of the Party Committee of Xu Yuanzi Township, first from left)

On August 4, 2016, Chen Fei, Mayor of Dezhou City, accompanied by Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xu Yuanzi, visited Junchuang Lock Industry in Xu Yuanzi Industrial Park for field investigation and work guidance. He had a detailed understanding of the development process, orientation and future strategic development plan of Junchuang Lock Industry, and affirmed and appreciated the enterprise's innovative strength, industrial model and research and development ability.

Zhang Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xu Yuanzi, said that Junchuang Lock Industry has been paying taxes according to the regulations and has good reputation. It is currently one of the largest disposable locks manufacturing enterprises in the north. Shunfeng Express's orders in this enterprise reach tens of millions of yuan every year.

Mayor Chen Fei encouraged enterprises to continue to deepen the cooperation between industry, University and research, adhere to market orientation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, encourage enterprises to open their minds and be down-to-earth, and promote the achievement of "poverty alleviation by leasing" in Qingyun to achieve win-win tripartite.

At present, Qingyun County is actively promoting the poverty alleviation model of "Junchuang Lock Industry". Junchuang Lock Industry actively responds to the call of the Party and the government, constantly innovates, is down-to-earth, repays the public, and sets a good example for private enterprises.